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  • The Chief Engineer Assistant of China Manned Space Engineering Office Visits Our Company to Investigate and Guide the Work

    On Dec. 28, 2016, the Chief Engineer Assistant Liu Jin of China Manned Space Engineering Office, Equipment Development Department of CMC, the Adviser Hao Yutao, the Vice Minister Zhang Yanwei of the Material Department of the Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Components Engineering Center, and the Deputy Director General Li Qiang of Aerospace Supplies Management Division of the Material Department of the Fifth Research Institute, visited Nanjing Zhongxu Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the work. The General Manager Li Ping of Zhongxu Company gave a warm welcome to Mr. Liu and his party on behalf of all staff.
    Mr. Liu and his party carefully listened to the overall situation of the Company and the report on the development and production of supporting products for China's manned space program, and understood the Company's control of the production process and reliability assurance deeply and in detail. Mr. Liu said that Zhongxu Company has been providing supporting products with superior performance and excellent quality for China's manned space program from Shenzhou 1 to Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft, and provided a variety of hall current sensors and position sensors with high reliable performance for Shenzhou series spacecraft and Tiangong rendezvous and docking mechanism and space station engineering projects, especially that the zero position sensor has overcome the technical difficulties of solar cell flip plate tracking to the sun, with great innovation value. He hoped that Zhongxu Company could closely follow the direction of national science and technology development, track the cutting-edge technology of the industry, overcome difficulties, and develop more new products with unique highlights.
    The General Manager Li Ping thanked the Manned Space Engineering Office for supporting Zhongxu Company over the years. She said that the investigation and guide of Mr. Liu and his party was the affirmation and encouragement of the Company. The whole staff of the Company would work harder to further promote the management optimization, improve the process control and the quality of products, keep the continuous innovation, focus on the research and development of forward-looking technologies, enhance the core competitiveness of the Company, and make new contributions to China's manned space industry.