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  • Vice Mayor of Nanjing Visits Our Company to Investigate and Guide the Work

    On the afternoon of May 10, 2016, Huang Lan, the Vice Mayor of Nanjing, visited Zhongxu Company accompanied by leaders of the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Commission, Finance Bureau and other government sectors, leaders of Yuhua District as well as leaders of Zijin Venture Capital, investigated and guided the integrated circuit and sensor enterprises.
    When visiting the product showrooms, the Vice Mayor Huang showed a great interest in the many series of products of our company successfully applied in national key projects such as "Shenzhou Spacecraft" and "Chang'e Project", and widely applied in aviation, aerospace, shipborne ships and other fields, and fully affirmed the research and development strength and product manufacturing technology level of Zhongxu.
    The General Manager Li Ping of Zhongxu Company introduced the development history of the Company, and reported the Company's core technology, product positioning, scientific and technological achievements and the future development plan in detail. The Vice Mayor Huang carefully listened to her reports and said that Nanjing Municipal government would introduce relevant policies and formulate the "13th Five-Year" special plan to proactively promote the development of the integrated circuit industry. Zhongxu Company is the Vice Chairman Unit of Nanjing Integrated Industrial Association. Mr. Huang hoped that Zhongxu could seize the development opportunity, grasp the direction of the industry, and strive constantly to realize the vision of being a leading manufacturer of advanced international and first-class domestic hall sensors. He hoped that Zhongxu would develop into an important R&D and production base of integrated circuits, and play an active role in the development of Nanjing integrated circuit industry.